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Check back often as we will list our current promotions and savings below

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RC Farm Arm
RC Farm Arm (1).jpg
RC Farm Arm (2).jpg
RC Farm Arm (3).jpg

Stop in at the Lacombe location to be the first to view the first RC Farm Arm for a Fendt arm rest.  The RC Farm Arm allows the operator to start/stop the engine, unlock the hydraulics and PTO, start & stop the PTO, activate two hydraulics (1 way) & enable the min or max engine RPM presets all from a remote control!

MS T&T Cleaner

Pentagon has MS T&T foam kits & foam in stock.
Click on the picture below to watch Angela clean this Fendt 1151 MT using MS T&T products

No-Spill Drainers

Pentagon has worked extensively with No-Spill Drainers and have drainer kits available for Fendt tractors, and can source drainers for other models.

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