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CLAAS Rollatex pro will allow you to produce the best bales at a lower cost. With 50% more netwrap than standard white net and top quality bale coverage, CLAAS Rollatex Pro brings significant efficiencies to the baling operation and produces fully covered bales, consistently, so increasing crop and fodder values.


CLAAS Rollatex Pro Netwrap is manufactured using Tama’s patented technology for Edge to Edge® baling, this guarantees full bale coverage, from all round balers and so produces the perfect bale, every time.


Edge to Edge: Edge to Edge® technology is a breakthrough created by Tama, which enables the net to maintain its width when feeding onto the bale, so covering the entire width of the bale. This unique ability gives the maximum protection to the crop as well as helping to maintain the bale’s shape, reducing crop loss when handling and making storage easier.


EnterNet Feature: A special pre-fitted tag. Holds the beginning of the net and helps thread the net through the baler.


ZEBRA System: As well as producing the ’perfect bale’, CLAAS Rollatex Pro also features the unique Zebra® system roll pattern. The asymmetrical striping pattern, across the width of the net, gives the operator a very clear ’left-right’ indicator when loading the roll. The ZEBRA® System is also a very useful benefit in indicating correctly which way to unroll the bale when feeding or bedding by clearly showing the asymmetrical pattern on the bale.


Roll Carry handles: Every roll of CLAAS Rollatex Pro is fitted with purpose carrying handles, to assist the operator in handling and carrying the roll.


Roll End Warning Stripe: Every roll of CLAAS Rollatex Pro contains a visible Roll End warning stripe, which shows the end of the roll is approaching. This unique warning allowing the operator to prepare for a roll change and avoid baling without net in the baler, thus further reducing valuable 'down time'.


Guaranteed Length: Every roll contains the guaranteed stated length, not a “plus-or-minus” average.

48/14700 NETWRAP - CLAAS Rollatex Pro

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