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Package includes AGRA-GPS CLAAS-JD bridge, Lexion specific "no drill" roof mount and John Deere receiver mount.


  • Use your John Deere receiver and 1800, 2600, 2630, 4240, 4640 or 5gen display in Claas Lexions, Jaguars and Claas Tractors!
  • For North America and Australia 2012+, Europe requires Claas unlock. New OSI machines, require Claas AgraGPS unlock worldwide.
  • Add our MTG harness to integrate your JDlink modem and use data sharing or upload functions.
  • Full integration of Autosteer, ISO-BUS functions, performance data and yield/moisture maps on your JD monitor.
  • Easy Plug & Play installation.
  • Agra-GPS is an official partner of Claas which ensures full support for our products from both companies!


NOTE 1: Does not include John Deere system or installation.

NOTE 2: 2019 and newer OSI machines need the CLAAS steering unlock applied (CLAAS Part # 14031650).

CLAAS Lexion AGRA-GPS Package

Currently out of stock, but can be ordered in.
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